Here are some SpaceLift testimonials from attic lift owners across the country. We take great pride in our ease of ordering, installation and enduring value. Save your back, impress your friends, get more space in your garage or home by making attic storage push button easy.

We usually try to be careful not to reveal any “trade secrets,” but here is an exception.

Our office is located in a loft. So, we are often moving products and packages up and down between floors. A few years ago we installed an “attic lift” from Spacelift which works like an elevator or powered dumbwaiter. Not only does it make it easier and quicker to move things between the floors, it makes it much safer than trying to carry things while going up or down stairs.

While the Spacelift 5200-S works great for our purposes, it was designed to help move things between your garage and attic. Rather than trying to finagle heavy items up a ladder, you can set them on the lift and press a button.

This testimonial is totally unsolicited. Other than being a customer, we have no relationship to Spacelift.

I am writing because, in addition to offering a terrific product, support from Spacelift is impressive. When we had an issue with the lift a year or two ago, Spacelift provided excellent support over the phone and mailed us a replacement part for free even though we were responsible for the damage. Recently a small part broke and Spacelift quickly answered our email saying they were sending a replacement.

“Love our Spacelift. It was purchased in 2016. We use it 3 or 4 times each week. It is the first thing we show people touring our new shop/garage. I like that there is no framing to get in way of loading or unloading. We plan to purchase a Spacelift for our future to be constructed house.”

Melanie Roan, Oregon

“Wanted to tell you again how proud I am of my attic lift. I use it about 4 or 5 times a month. The lift travels up and down in a total of 25 seconds. Due to age and arthritis it had become dangerous for me go up and down the attic stairs. SpaceLift provides the means for us to safely and quickly transfer items to and from the attic. My wife and I work as a team, with one in the attic and one down below. It is fast and efficient. I highly recommend the SpaceLift to anyone who desires a safe, fast and efficient means of utilizing their attic storage space. Hope your sales are reflecting the quality of the product. Wish I could do more to promote it for you”

Tom also told us about using his SpaceLift to replace his hot water heaters. You can read more on this blog post. “I am particularly excited about the fact that due to the size and allowed weight of the lift, I will be able to easily replace my 50 gallon water heaters when the time comes.  They are both up in the attic, and it is not an easy task to swap them out with the use of a nine foot fold down attic stair, which I have already done once.”

Tom Runge, Louisiana

“We are extremely happy with our SpaceLift.  From start to finish it has been a great experience. We installed the SpaceLift ourselves. We completed the installation of the SpaceLift in one weekend. The SpaceLift has made our life so much easier with getting heavy awkward crates, furniture and other difficult items up to the upper level of our garage. We would otherwise have to carry these items up a set of long steep stairs that have been difficult and even somewhat dangerous at times. We have been using the lift at least three to four times a week, with multiple lifts during each use. The quality of the SpaceLift is exceptional, constructed of heavy gauge steel, quality bearings and pulleys and all other components.”

Gary Carlson, Massachusetts

One of our SpaceLift testimonials from a customer in Australia, showing his logo for Y I Design

“I am so happy with the quality and build of the unit, it’s a great unit reflective of your quality focused workforce. The unit is sensational. I am very, very happy. Let’s hope it lasts for many years to come. Thanks to you and your team.”

Ivan Kekic, Y I Design, Kings Langley, Australia

One of our SpaceLift testimonials by a man of few words . . .

“It’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made.”

John Hooper, Texas

“We finished our new home build in 2017. The Spacelift Attic Lift was the best investment we made for the entire build, from ease of use on the website, ordering, packaging, shipping, product quality and design, installation instructions, and customer service. Anyone who has toured our home is impressed with the SpaceLift. We are very satisfied customers. Absolutely fantastic!”

Robin G., Nebraska

“After thorough online research we chose the SpaceLift attic lift. Their engineering, application and value are definitely superior. The SpaceLift storage system is something every home ought to have.”

Ron T., Oregon

“I’m very impressed with our SpaceLift attic lift. It’s a great value with smart technology and the installation was easy. Even the SpaceLift packaging was nice. This product makes my life a lot easier.”

Todd R., Florida

Our SpaceLift testimonials include commercial applications . . .

“We’re so delighted with your Spacelift! The lift has allowed us to provide a machine that has made our tenant’s lives easier. They’re happy, so we’re even happier. Not only does the lift work well, your customer service is even better! Incredibly friendly and very accommodating staff. We sincerely appreciate and rarely come across better service! Thank you so much!”

Eat Well, Connie Sun, Long Island City, NY
Tiny Drumsticks commercial kitchen

One of our briefest SpaceLift testimonials . . .

“My SpaceLift saved my back!”

Lisa Winkler, Alabama

“After researching the most popular options the choices were clear between Spacelift and Versalift.  We selected Spacelift primarily since it did not require any overhead space (Versalift has a cage/frame) and Spacelift mounts flush with the attic floor.  However, there were other reasons including easier installation, a clean-look to the ceiling, and the price was less.

“We could not be happier!  The quality and thought that went into the Spacelift is very impressive!  The microprocessor controls slows the platform before it reaches the top or the bottom.  The controls are simple and the safety features for overloading, jams, slack tension detection are important.  The spring mounted ceiling panel always makes a flush fit when fully raised.  The nylon webbing that lifts the platform rolls flat and cleanly onto the rollers.”

Bill T., The Villages, Florida

Among our SpaceLift testimonials, yet another happy customer from The Villages in Florida . . .

testimonials include this happy customer from The Villages, Florida, shown with his SpaceLift attic lift, Bart Z
Bart Z. liked his personal SpaceLift attic storage lift so much, he became a dealer.

After many years of lugging tubs of Christmas decorations and other things up and down the ladder in my garage to the attic above, and having slipped more times than I want to recall, it was time for a better way.

I researched getting an elevator to do the work. After looking at several, it became apparent that the best on the market was SpaceLift. Not just from a best of breed, but at a great price.

I ordered one, and found a great person to install it. In less than a day, I had the perfect solution for moving things up and down, to and from, the attic. Mine has been installed for over a year, with hundreds of ups and downs and has performed perfectly.

Soon, my friends and neighbors wanted one also. It was then I decided to become a dealer. I teamed with a first-class installer. We put together a turnkey install at a great price for a normal installation (95% of the installs are normal). To round out the installation, we can add additional flooring and shelving.

With that, the business has taken off nicely. My customers are my best advertisement — telling their friends and neighbors.

Bart Z., The Villages, Florida
View Bart’s information on our Dealer Page.