car outside of garage covered in deep snow there are many benefits to parking your car inside

Benefits of Parking Your Car Inside Your Garage

If you’re like most people, your garage has become a glorified closet. One in four Americans say their garage is so disorganized they can’t fit even one car inside, according to a homeowner survey by Gladiator GarageWorks. Yet, there are many and important benefits to park your car inside.

With the average cost of a new car pegged at $36,700, according to Kelly Blue Book, the inability to house and protect your automobile investment can be detrimental. The value of a car or truck kept in a garage versus one parked outdoors is significant. Garage kept cars have higher resale value. Parking your car or truck inside a garage extends its life and maximizes your investment.

Having your car outside exposes it to the elements. Acid rain, bird droppings, dust, dirt, pollen, debris and paint oxidation damage your vehicle’s exterior. Ultraviolet rays and temperature extremes damage the interior. Most mechanics can tell if a car is kept in a garage or outdoors. And it’s not just the exterior and interior finishes that are protected by a garage. Garaged car fluids stay closer to operating temperatures, warmer in winter and cooler in summer. That reduces wear on your engine and moving parts. Oil and grease stay less viscous, doing a much better job of lubricating your engine and moving parts at start up. You can prevent a lot of long-term wear that way.

If your car spends every night – arguably half its life – protected inside a garage it will look better longer. Would it surprise you that today’s cars are driven only five-percent of the time, according Fortune magazine? Thinking about your own car or truck, how much time does it spend just sitting at home in your driveway, or worse yet along the curb?

Another of the benefits of parking your car inside your garage is that garaged cars are more secure from theft of the car and contents. Some insurance companies offer discounted rates for autos kept in locked garages.

There’s also the convenience factor, not having to scrape frost or clear snow in winter and not climbing into a boiling-hot interior in summer. Entering and exiting the car indoors protected from the elements and secure is another convenience. Think of the last time you unloaded groceries in a rainstorm or arrived to an empty house late at night.

“People take great pride in their homes – organizing, decorating and showing off various rooms of their house, especially on social media,” said Karl Champley, master builder and home improvement TV/radio personality. “But the garage is the forgotten room of the home and those same people who are proud of their home are embarrassed by how the garage looks.”

People are sometimes embarrassed to the point where they keep their garage doors shut so neighbors won’t see their mess. The GarageWorks survey also found that one of out every five homeowners have been involved with an argument with their spouse about the condition of the garage.

Another benefit of parking your car inside your garage is that with the popularity of automatic door openers garages are now the most-used entryway into the home for many people. Why wend your way through clutter everyday?  Keeping your car in the garage also maintains your home’s curb appeal.

All this mess and stress can be eliminated by the push of a button.

Fortunately, there are solutions to garage clutter. Some pundits, organizing coaches and experts would have you get rid of your stuff to clear clutter. And certainly any unused items should perhaps be donated or sent to the dump. But it’s your stuff. For most of us it’s in the garage for one important reason: we want to keep it. For another solution, there is a whole industry offering racks and pegboards and garage organizing systems. But have you first looked up?

In many garages the easiest clutter buster is right above your head. Often there is lots of storage space in the garage or home attic. Attic storage solutions open up a whole new space for your stuff often equal to or greater than the space below. Infrequently used but useful items can be kept in the attic instead of the garage. Plus, you can significantly increase your attic storage space by cycling seasonal items out of your garage and into the attic. Examples include holiday decorations, seasonal dishes and special occasion china, winter coats and summer clothes, sports equipment, gardening tools, toys, snow sleds and tires, the list goes on.

Easy access to garage attic storage is one solution for parking your car inside the garage where it belongs.

Storing items in the attic can be a hassle, even dangerous though, if you’re trying to carry items up and down attic access ladders or stairs. Because easy and convenient access is the key to reducing clutter, a SpaceLift™ attic lift is the answer. Acting as a mini freight elevator, this electrically powered, computer controlled dumbwaiter can carry up to 200 pounds and 24 cubic feet of storage items. The attic lift has no vertical limit so you can stack boxes, storage bins, containers and other garage storage items as high as you want. Now, you will be using your attic to its fullest capacity, reducing clutter and freeing up space in your home, and enjoying the many benefits of parking your car inside your garage.

Install a SpaceLift then take a picture of your beautiful and organized garage now with your car safely protected inside, then share that picture on your social media for all your friends to see. Oh, and if you think of it, please also share it on our Facebook page: @SpaceLiftProducts. We love to hear from our satisfied customers!

Your dream garage starts in the attic, showing SpaceLift attic lift with beautiful garage. Park your car inside. A SpaceLift helps make space.


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