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Automated SpaceLift 24 x 41-inch platform moves more storage in less time – the intelligent and efficient alternative to struggling on stairs or an attic ladder.

REDONDO BEACH, CA – January 21, 2014 – The next generation SpaceLift model 5200 attic lift carries 200 pounds and over 24 cubic feet of household storage. With the press of a button, the automated SpaceLift 5200 platform moves seasonal and household storage items effortlessly between the floors of the home.

“The new SpaceLift 5200 attic lift delivers best-in-class standard features that every homeowner will appreciate,” stated Ralph Cissne, SpaceLift vice president of sales and marketing. “We designed the new SpaceLift system to be the most convenient home storage solution on the market today. And the best value.”

The SpaceLift 5200 attic lift has a large 24 x 41-inch platform and an exclusive low-profile design that enables homeowners to stack bins and boxes higher to move more storage in fewer trips. The SpaceLift advantage eliminates the risk of carrying heavy or awkward items on stairs or attic ladders. Standard SpaceLift 5200 attic lift features include convenient wall-mount controls with key lock, obstacle detection and overload sensors, factory assembly for ease of installation and a two-year warranty.

The SpaceLift 5200 system is 28” wide x 59.5” long x 7” high and arrives ready to install in a framed 28.5 x 60 inch opening. The SpaceLift 5200 requires open truss construction and a ceiling thickness/joist depth range of 7 to 14 inches. The efficient SpaceLift electrical drive system moves the platform up and down suspended by four aviation quality steel cables and accommodates floor to ceiling heights to 15 feet.

The SpaceLift 5200 is designed and manufactured in the United States by SpaceLift Products, Inc. and is protected by U.S. Patent No. 8,292,031.

The SpaceLift 5200 attic lift is available through select dealers across the United States and online. Homeowners, designers, builders and contractors may find specifications, site selection and installation information at

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