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(Stratford, Conn., December 1, 2017) Most of us love decorating our homes for the holidays but dread the process, asserted Dave Berliner, president of Redco Home in Stratford, Conn., inventor of the SpaceLift™ attic lift. A pre-Thanksgiving post by “Psychology Today” suggested holiday decorating is good for the soul. Putting decorations up early may enhance happy feelings, reducing stress and anxiety. A study published in the “Journal of Environmental Psychology” found that decorating the outside of your house makes you appear friendlier to neighbors. However hauling decorations out of storage can threaten those happy feelings, Berliner said. Decorating for the holidays is something you want to look forward to. If it’s too much work to haul out the Christmas tree, Hanukah decorations, Easter baskets, Halloween pumpkins, and so on, decorating becomes a dreaded chore instead of a cherished tradition. Berliner believes he has a solution for one of any holiday’s biggest hassles: moving all that stuff up and down from the attic.

Attics are a great place to store items you access once a year or for a little while each year. Things like holiday decorations, seasonal dishes and china, winter coats and summer clothes, sports equipment, gardening tools, summer porch and patio furniture, camping equipment, seasonal toys like snow sleds, bicycles and summer lawn toys, snow tires, the list goes on. Easy access is the secret to success, Berliner said.

“Going up and down those pull-down attic stairs or ladders with storage containers and boxes full of decorations can be pretty dicey,” Berliner said, “risk of hurting your back or falling is not insignificant. And it takes a lot of time because you can carry only so much per trip. Anyone who keeps his or her artificial Christmas tree up there knows what I’m talking about.”

His answer is the SpaceLift attic lift, a motorized platform lift system transporting up to 200 pounds and 24 cubic feet of cargo between floors at three inches per second with the push of a button. It is like having your own mini freight elevator to carry storage into your attic in just minutes; it’s a dumbwaiter for your stuff, Berliner explained.

His brother Brian, a patent attorney, suggested the attic lift. Dave’s company, Redco Audio, has experience with electric motors and control systems. The company makes pro audio/video cables and equipment, including control systems for Xedit’s Servoreelers, a system for motorized microphone lines. Even so, perfecting the lift took about seven years of engineering development and an investment of more than $250,000, Berliner said. “We put a lot of work into coming up with a best-in-class lift with specs and safety features we consider critical,” he explained.

One key benefit is no limitation on vertical stacking. The computer-controlled lift pulls evenly at each of the platform’s four corners leaving open all the space above. It also stops automatically for obstructions or if cargo weight exceeds 200 pounds. Low profile design makes it easy to slide your best storage containers, boxes, heavy items, furniture and more off of the platform and onto attic flooring systems. Protected by two U.S. Patents, the product launched in 2009 and is now installed in hundreds of homes and garages nationwide, Berliner said.

Designed to fit between attic floor joists, installation is easy requiring basic carpentry and electrical skills. Many are installed as do-it-yourself projects, Berliner said. The company can also help with local installers. It sells directly on its website, and through a network of 30 nationwide vendors. A short video on the website shows the lift in action.

There are two models, different in their width, selling for $1,895 and $1,995 with free shipping and a two-year factory warranty. SpaceLift™ Products are manufactured in Stratford, Conn., by Redco Home, a division of Redco Audio, a family-owned company. A lift is installed at the Redco facility and Berliner invites you to stop by to see it in action. Redco Audio is located at 1701 Stratford Ave., across from Two-Roads Brewing Co., just a few hundred yards off of I-95, Exit 31.

“You could have one of these installed before your Christmas decorations have to go back into the attic,” Berliner said.

SpaceLift™ attic lifts by Redco Home, a division of Redco Audio

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A SpaceLift™ attic lift is installed at our company in Stratford. If you are in the area, please feel free to come in and take a look. There is also a unit (see attached photos) installed in a Trumbull, Conn., garage. With prior notice, the homeowner would agree to have you see and photograph that unit as well.


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