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(Stratford, Conn., February 22, 2018) Press a button and the SpaceLift™ attic lift moves heavy storage bins and bulky items effortlessly between floors in your home or garage. The attic lift is like a mini freight elevator or dumbwaiter.

SpaceLift™ attic lifts provide efficient access to untapped storage potential above homes and garages. Attics are perfect for storing many items, especially those only needed a few times during the year: holiday decorations, seasonal clothes, sports equipment, gardening tools, toys, patio furniture, tax records, etc. To maximize living space, some homeowners rent a storage unit, but that requires inconvenient travel back and forth and monthly rental fees. Instead, a one-time investment in an attic lift offers a convenient storage solution right at home.

“Easy access is the secret to successfully using your attic for storage so you can then get organized, and de-clutter your living space. But getting your stuff into the attic can be a real challenge without one of these lifts. Most attics have those pull-down retractable stairs; some have just a hatch and ladder. You risk hurting your back or falling trying to lug stuff up and down those steep and narrow stairs,” said Dave Berliner, president of Redco Home in Stratford, Conn. So Berliner invented the SpaceLift, a motorized platform lift system capable of transporting up to 200 pounds and 24 cubic feet of cargo per trip between your living space and attic at three inches per second.

SpaceLift is unique in its low profile design, which makes it easy to load items by sliding them from the attic floor onto the platform. Another key benefit is no vertical stacking limitation because the computer-controlled lift pulls evenly at each of the platform’s four corners. Smart controls have built-in safety features like object detection and capacity protection, stopping the lift automatically if anything obstructs its travel or cargo weight exceeds 200 pounds. Protected by two U.S. Patents, the product launched in 2009 and is now installed in hundreds of homes and garages nationwide, Berliner said.

The lift installs between attic floor joists, working in tandem with attic stairs. Installation is easy requiring basic carpentry skills. Many are installed as do-it-yourself projects, Berliner said, or the company can help with local installers. It sells directly on its website, A short video on the website shows how the lift works. Prices start at $1,895 with free shipping and a two-year factory warranty. SpaceLift™ Products are assembled in the USA, in Stratford, Conn., by Redco Home, a division of Redco Audio, a family-owned company.

See a video of the lift in action at:

SpaceLift™ attic lifts by Redco Home, a division of Redco Audio

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A SpaceLift™ attic lift is installed at our company in Stratford. If you are in the area, please feel free to come in and take a look. There is also a unit installed in a nearby Trumbull, Conn., garage, shown in the attached photo. With prior notice, the homeowner would agree to have you see and photograph that unit as well. Or we may be able to connect you with a SpaceLift owner in your town or close by. Call us!