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Meet the SpaceLift team
Meet our team

Our Team developed a simple, safe and affordable way to store items in your attic, garage loft or business. Save your back. Let the lift carry seasonal items and more at the touch of a button. We are committed to producing a product with safety and value in mind. We stand behind our products and promise you a superior customer experience.

Contact Dave at: info@spaceliftproducts.com or call 203-446-4699

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Invented and Built in the USA: This family owned business makes SpaceLift™ attic lifts in our Monroe, CT workshop. The design is protected by two U.S. Patents, numbers 8,292,031 and 9,120,645 B2. The company is privately held.

Company Overview
SpaceLift™ Products is a branch of Redco Home, a division of Redco Audio. Currently its products are two versions of the attic storage lifts, delineated by size. Customers include homeowners and businesses, architects, builders and remodelers. Products are sold throughout the United States. Foreign buyers please inquire.