SpaceLift™ Attic Storage Lift

“My SpaceLift saved my back!” (Lisa W., Alabama)

Imagine your own motorized lifting platform carrying stuff in and out of your attic in just minutes. Our powered dumbwaiter is a safer way to store items. Only you belong on the attic ladder. Don’t hurt your back or a risk a fall. Don’t carry storage up and down a scary ladder or steep stairs. Install a SpaceLift attic storage lift and see your attic in a whole new light.

  • Transports up to 200 pounds and 24 cubic feet of cargo between floors.
  • Push button controls for easy use.
  • Easily installs between floor joists in garage or home.

Many are installed as do-it-yourself, D-I-Y, projects. Two models of different widths are priced at $1,895 and $1,995.

Claim more living space in your home and garage.

Attic storage is perfect for holiday decorations, seasonal gear, clothing and more. Don’t rent off-site storage lockers. Free storage is right above your head. Arrange your possessions with the convenient attic access a SpaceLift attic storage lift provides. Store items you wouldn’t think of carrying on the ladder. Example: heavy but infrequently used tools. Have utilities in your attic like HVAC or water heaters? Our lift makes servicing them a snap.

SpaceLift attic lift shown next to attic pull-down ladder, attic storage box on the lift

SpaceLift Unique Features

  • No vertical limit for stacking storage items. SpaceLift carries items the competition cannot. (Picture an artificial Christmas tree.)
  • Exclusive low-profile design mounts neatly between attic floor joists. Easily slide storage containers or heavy items on and off the lift.
  • Lifting platform docks level with your attic floor. No structures (like a bar) protrude into your attic.
  • Smart control safety features include obstacle detection and overweight protection.
  • Reliable, robust construction ensures years of trouble-free use.
  • Two–year factory warranty included.

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Invented and built in the U.S.A. SpaceLift Products, by Redco Home, Monroe, CT. Watch this brief video to see a SpaceLift attic storage lift in action.