SpaceLift™ Attic Storage Lift

Imagine your own home attic lift or garage elevator to carry storage in and out of your attic in just minutes. Don’t risk your back or a fall carrying storage bins, holiday decorations, seasonal gear, clothing and more up and down a scary ladder or steep stairs. Claim more living space in your garage or home, reduce clutter and better organize your possessions with the convenient attic access a SpaceLift™ attic lift system provides.

Transport up to 200 pounds and 24 cubic feet of cargo between floors with the touch of a button. Easily installed between floor joists in garage or home. Many are installed as do-it-yourself, D-I-Y, projects. Two models of different widths are priced at $1,895 and $1,995.

Compare and decide. SpaceLift™ Products’ unique features include no vertical limit for stacking storage items. Exclusive low-profile design mounts neatly between attic floor joists making it easy to slide storage containers or heavy items on and off the lift and onto your attic floor. No structure sticks up above your attic floor getting in the way of moving around in what is often a cramped space. Intelligent control includes safety features like obstacle detection and weight limit protection. Reliable and robust construction ensures years of trouble-free use; a two-year factory warranty is included. Invented and built in the U.S.A. SpaceLift™ Products, by Redco Home, Monroe, CT. Please note: due to high volume, Spacelifts are shipping in 3 weeks.